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In a recent article about ebos not yet racking up big sales at college bostores, an interesting quote caught my eye “…a biochemistry freshman from Westfield, said his high school experience using digital texts turned him off from the format. Maybe in the future, he said, the technology will advance

EMC Documentum can be used to store large numbers of rich media files for a variety of purposes. Beyond the usual content management capabilities that can be applied to pictures, videos, and audio content (assigning custom object types, metadata, permissions, etc.), content transformation capabilities can be applied to generate thumbnails

IRVINE, CA – January 9, 2013 – InfoTrust Group (, a leading provider of XMLbased information management solutions and services, announced today that Editions Francis Lefebvre (EFL) has placed an order for 300 licenses of Serna XML Editor, the company’s WYSIWYG application for authoring structured content. EFL, an established leader in the

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